About Us

 In 1946, Wes and Marie Maranville headed to the eastern plains of Colorado from Laredo, Kansas to farm for Wes's brother-in-law.  They came with their son Jerry and soon welcomed another son Jack.  This was the beginning of Maranville Farms.

Both of their boys continued in the field of agriculture.  Jerry stayed in academia pursuing a career in agronomy while Jack came back to join his dad on the family farm and marry his high school sweetheart Linda.  To both Jerry and Jack three sons were born.

All three of Jack and Linda's sons returned and are currently working on the family farm.  Jack's oldest son Chad helps part time while also running a chemical and fertilizer company out of Limon, Colorado.  He and his wife Cindy have two children: Kylie (11) and Connor (9). 

In the middle is Scott who has been back working on the farm since 1996.  He is married to Sarah and they have three children: Riley (17), Wesley (went to be with the Lord in 2015 at 13) and Charley (12).  

And the youngest son is Barry who is back at the farm full time with his wife Mandy and their four kids: Will (5), David (4) and Ava and Nora (2).  

Our crops are grown completely on what moisture the Lord blesses us with.  So our faith is extremely important to all of us!  We work together, play together and pray together!  Keep track of our crazy journey together on Maranville Farms!

(The picture above is of Jack and Linda with all their grandkids except for Wesley)

Also, sister-in-laws Cindy and Sarah just started Clear Skies Milling selling our wheat berries, whole wheat flour and mixes.  Check out their website at clearskiesmilling.com