Our primary crop is winter wheat.  We drill the wheat in September and it comes up a few inches high (God willing) before it lays dormant through the winter.  As it warms up it begins to grow again, head out and dry down before we harvest it in July.  You will see a ton of pictures because harvest is the highlight of our farming year.  We sell the wheat to local elevators.

Proso Millet

Proso millet is more commonly known as bird seed.  We drill the proso in June and swath it into windrows in September and then pick it up using combines after the rows dry down in September/October.  Proso is marketed and sold to local markets for birdseed and human consumption.


Corn requires more specific weather conditions.  We grow smaller amounts of corn but it is beautiful in the field.   The corn is planted in May and harvested in October/November after it dries down.  The corn we grow is used to feed animals and is marketed to local ranchers and elevators.


We use the majority of our feed for our own cattle but we sell some of it to local ranchers.  We drill the feed in June and swath it into windrows in September to be bailed into large round bails.  Bails are always gorgeous as they sit out in the fields.


If you have any questions about any of the crops we raise, please feel free to call or email!